A Real Taste of Local & Wild

Our Local & Wild tasting menu at Rabbit has 7 courses, each one representing a different area of local and wild.

Starting with a Snack, expect mouthfuls of carefully curated flavour, such as our signature Mushroom Marmite Éclair and homemade sourdough with a garlic infused butter. 

Next up, Field. Always championing fresh vegetables,  and always locally sourced from one of the farms we work closely with. The current offering includes our Bobby Beans, Rocket Pesto and Feta dish.

We go back down to the Farm with the next course, often something on the meatier side, for example, crumbed Sussex Chorizo, with Labneh, Crispy Kale and Caraway Crisp Bread. This one is a little spicy, and the labneh cuts through it perfectly. 

Onto more veg, where Miso Glazed Aubergine takes centre stage in the Land course. Accompanied by Cauliflower, Greek Yoghurt and Pumkin Seeds, this course is full of flavour and delicious texture. 

Diving into the Sea for the penultimate savoury course, currently on the menu is Chalk Stream Trout, Herritage Beetroots and Crème Fraîche. This is a light dish, with a delicious taste coming from the crispy trout skin, pairing fantastically with the creamy Crème Fraîche.

We're at the Farm once again before we hit the sweet stuff. Sandy Black Pork, Carrot Confit, Cauliflower Puree and Jus make up this dish, offering a bounty of different textures.

To top off the whole experience, we finish with something Sweet; a Kentish Berry Fool. Creamy, light, and the perfect note to finish on. 

This menu is perfect for date night, or a celebration, or just a delicious supper. Book here to come and give it a try.

Please note, the dishes above are an example, and the menu is subject to change.