Get a little loose with our gooseberry Daily Loosener at the best restaurant in Chelsea!

It’s August, it’s a hot day and you’re strolling down the King’s Road thinking how lovely a refreshing cocktail in (what we believe to be) the best restaurant in Chelsea would be, suddenly you’re outside Rabbit! It’s air conditioned, the staff are smiling, and you see the seasonal gooseberry cocktail of the month on the menu, sorted.


Doesn’t that sound great? Each month we have a new ‘Daily Loosener’ on our menu, this is a cocktail made up of seasonal ingredients that is always delicious and refreshing, especially on these hot summer days. This month, our cocktail includes gooseberry infused gin, apple juice, sugar syrup, lemon juice, cucumber, and Indian tonic water. Perfect for a summer’s day on the King’s Road at Chelsea’s best restaurant!