AAA Maldon Rock Oysters

We've sourced the finest and freshest AAA Maldon rock oysters for the reopening of Rabbit this spring and summer.

Our brother Gregory has been hard at work on the farm tending to lambing season, closely followed by the very intense calving season but he has somehow managed to find time to craft us some beautiful oyster stands. 

Made from recycling wine barrels from Nutbourne Vineyards, these now 'oyster barrels' are the perfect showpiece to present this brilliant British product. Covered in ice and ready to shuck per order, these oysters are sure to be the toast of the season for visitors and locals of Chelsea and King's Road. 

We are serving the oysters paired with signature garnishes that are true to our Local & Wild style: British wasabi leaf dressing, chili and Nutbourne tomato relish, and the classic shallot vinaigrette. 

As is our ethos, these oysters are sustainable and local;

"The Maldon Rock Oyster is sustainably grown and harvested from our traditional oyster beds in the River Blackwater, Maldon, Essex. UK.

They have a distinct flavour and meatiness inherent from the salt marshes where they are grown, and are excellent on the half shell, pan-fried or even baked with a variety of toppings or sauces". 

- Maldon Oysters.