One Planet Plate Recipe

One Planet Plate is a restaurant campaign to put sustainability on the menu, raising awareness of the environmental impact of the production and consumption of food. The initiative from Food Made Good invites diners and chefs worldwide to make every meal served as sustainable as possible.

We’re calling on you to join the collective movement and vote with your fork. We've joined chefs across the UK and contributed a recipe by Oliver Gladwin for Rolled Stuffed Rabbit Saddle, a seasonal English dish using foraged and local Sussex produce that has a low carbon footprint. Find out more about the One Planet Plate campaign here:

Oliver Gladwin's Rolled Stuffed Rabbit Saddle to share

with 3 cornered garlic, lardons, celeriac, beetroot pickled onions, mustard and madeira jus


10 rabbit saddle, deboned with the bellys

800g of lean pork mince

50ml of egg whites

50ml of cream

2 garlic cloves, grated

1 bunch tarragon chopped

20g white pepper

Smoked lardons

1kg celeriac

500ml of double cream

To make a purée

50 beetroot pickled onions

100g mustard

200ml Madeira

2lt red wine jus

Bunch of 3 cornered garlic

Bunch of chervil

Salt and vinegar fava beans


Blitz the pork mince in a mixer until smooth, then add the egg white and cream. Make sure it doesn't get too hot with the friction. When smooth, season with salt, white pepper, grated garlic and tarragon, then put into a piping bag.

Lay out the boneless saddle. Season the inside before piping a clean cork-sized amount either side of the loin. Then roll the loin with the mousse inside. Roll and ballotine in cling film, so the saddle is tight and uniform.

Then poach or steam the rabbit at 85% for 45 min. When cooked, make a small hole to drain off the liquid in the ballotine then re-clingfilm over the old clingfilm to make sure you have a uniform shape. Chill in the fridge.

Remove the cling film and roast the rabbit ballotine in lots of butter with the smoked lardons. When golden brown and hot in the middle, leave in the butter to rest.

To plate, make a ring on the plate with the celeriac purée, then add the smoked lardons and pickled beetroot onions, then the 3 cornered garlic and the fava beans for crunchy texture. Sprinkle the chervil, and then spoon the sauce in the well of the plate.


One Planet Plate is a campaign by Food Made Good for the Sustainable Restaurant Association: