In Partnership with El Rayo Tequila

From Thursday, April 15th, Rabbit will be opening our windows to the King's Road to serve our Chelsea locals a taste of spring in collaboration with El Rayo Tequila. 

We are serving takeaway cocktails and small dishes only from the beautifully dressed front window of Rabbit on 172 King's Road, Chelsea. Alongside our retail neighbours, we are extremely excited to reopen and welcome you all back to the bustling street that is the King's Road in springtime. 

Our cocktail menu features the El Rayo signature of Tequila and Tonic, using Double Dutch Tonic with a slice of grapefruit for a citrusy zing.  It'll be a taste of your London staycation to come this Summer! 

The menu also offers award-winning wine from our own West Sussex vineyard, Nutbourne. Including Nutty Wild and Nutty Brut - bubbles on the King's Road, it doesn't get more Chelsea than that. Alongside draft beers and Small Beers, the menu leaves nobodies preferences out. 

Do stop by and say hello over the next few weeks before our official indoor dining opening on May 17th, 2021. We look forward to welcoming you all with a tipple in hand! 

The Rabbit Team