We've been nominated! Eat Game Awards!

Eating ethically means eating seasonally and sustainably and at Rabbit, we believe that this is the only way to celebrate the best of what Britain has to offer. Serving game means that our London community enjoys wild food as much as we do and is a brilliant way to connect our city to the countryside. 

Making game accessible and cooking with it in inspired and creative ways allows us to make a real and honest impact on food and environmental sustainability in England. At Rabbit we're serving venison, partridge, soon to be plating up teal, grouse and more of the best of British wilderness, 

Join us at our King's Road restaurant for a taste of the Sussex countryside and our most valuable and delicious food source. 

Voting for the Eat Game Awards open on the 15th of November 2019. 

Visit to vote. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Rabbit and thank you for your support!